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Perfect Beauty is a manufacturer company for beauty products and beauty materials. Our headquarters is located in United States of America. In Malaysia, we have our sales office in Kulai, Johor. Besides that, we also provide OEM and ODM service. Our product range includes skin care product, beauty product, spa & foot massage product, treatment product, and beauty accessories & beauty equipment.

With the development of company, Perfect Beauty starts to step toward high technology, investigating the best beauty products that are suitable for man and woman. Our products are made from natural materials and plant extract.

Our company has starts to provide beauty products since 30 years ago. Our materials and products are import from America. Our store has over one thousand kinds of products to choice from. Besides that, we also help beauty shop creates their own brand. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us. We will be pleased to answer any enquiries you have.
Perfect Beauty 是一间制造美容产品和美容原料的公司。我们的总部在美国。在马来西亚,我们的销售办事处位于柔佛古来。除此之外,我们还提供 OEM 和 ODM 服务。我们的产品范围包括护肤产品, 美容产品,spa 和脚底按摩产品,护理产品以及美容产品配件与美容仪器。

随着公司的发展, Perfect Beauty 开始向高科技的技术着手,共同研究符合男女老少使用的美容产品。我们的产品由天然植物萃取物制成,不但安全使用,而且也获得各国顾客的信赖。除此之外,我们也提供 OEM 和 ODM 服务。

我们的公司从30年前开始提供优质的美容产品。我们的产品都是来自美国,拥有超过一千种产品任您选择。我们公司提供美容院自创品牌的服务。有兴趣成为我们公司的营业代理,全职或兼职形式,我们也提供免费训练!欢迎 spa 及按摩院,美容院来电询问!

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